Adult training within Oxfordshire Scout County is operated free of charge to participants from Scouting in the County. Naturally to deliver training and provide resources cost money and time to produce.

Whilst funding can be provided from other sources, this situation will continue, however this source may be removed at any time and other solutions may need to be found.

Please remember that the training is provided by trained volunteers for volunteers and so a degree of flexibility is expected in both directions, but standard behaviour as expected by someone in Scouting is assumed.

Where training is offered as an evening session, it is usually the case that the location will depend on those who wish to attend the training as they are often few in number, so the best solution for the convenience of all is sought.

Please make every effort to let us know if you cannot attend a course that you have signed up to, so that we can adjust the planning accordingly and help you to find another date that you can attend.

The training modules offered in Oxfordshire County follow the same Module format of training used in Scouting across the UK. If you would like to take the opportunity of training in another location, such as Gilwell Park, the home of Scouting, please have initial discussions with your training adviser who will pass you on to the right contact.

Courses run within Oxfordshire County may be subject to change depending on the availability of Staff. These changes will be avoided where possible and kept to a minimum.

It is normally the case that Uniform is not expected on a training event unless otherwise stipulated.

If you have any questions about Adult training in Oxfordshire please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.