Adult Training Scheme

Your Personal Learning Plan

Your Training Adviser will help you make a personal learning plan appropriate to your role, issue you with the Adult's Personal File and guide and support you through the learning and validation process

If you don't have a Training Adviser appointed to support you please contact your Local Training Manager or submit an enquiry<

Training course dates

To download the full schedule of training opportunities planned for delivery in Oxfordshire click here. Register your place on a training module by finding it in the Activity Calendar to the left of the screen.

Getting Started training dates for Managers and Supporters can be found here

Getting Started training dates for Section Leaders can be found here.

Regional Management course dates

These courses are managed and delivered regionally to ensure that you get the best quality training with the most diverse range of participants.

The skills of Leadership is a weekend, residential course. Achieving Growth and Meeting the Challenges are single day courses but may be run over consecutive weekend days.


Skills of management  - Two day residential.

This course looks at:

  • Leadership styles – what they are and when you might choose to use them.
  • Communication techniques – and how understanding communication will help you to have productive and meaningful dialogue with others.
  • Coaching, mentoring and supporting - as methods of getting the best from people.
  • Developing effective teams – the simple but crucial things that you can do to create teams that perform really well.
  • Effective meetings – How you run meetings that are effective, efficient yet enjoyable to attend.

Course dates are:


20th - 21st January - Lane End Conference Centre, HO14 3HH 

9th - 10th June 2018 


Achieving growth – One day
This course looks at:

  • How we make and implement plans that ensure the continued growth of the Scout Movement
  • How we ensure that Scouting reflects the diversity of the communities in which it operates.
  • What information is available to us, both within and without Scouting, to help us understand the true potential in an area.
  • Identifying the stakeholders in any growth plans and how we consult with, inform and work with them appropriately.
  • How we create sustainable long term growth plans in an area.

Course dates are:

Sunday 11th February 2018 

Saturday 14th April 2018 

Sunday 24th June 2018 

Saturday 13th October 2018 - Register your interest to attend this course here.


Meeting the challenges – One day
This course looks at:

  • The difficult conversations that we occasionally need to have and ways that we might make them easier to deal with.
  • How we deal with disputes and complaints when they arise.
  • Conducting difficult reviews.
  • Supporting those affected by the fall out of safeguarding enquiries.
  • Managing our time effectively and efficiently.

Course dates are:


Saturday 10th February 2018 

Sunday 15th April 2018 

Saturday 23rd June 2018

Sunday 14th October 2018 - Register your interest to attend this course here.


Training course costs

Currently in Oxfordshire Scout County we are able to offer Adult Training at zero cost to the individual. 

In order to ensure that we can continue to do so, we would ask that once you have booked on to the course then you notify the training team if you are unable to attend the course, rather than just not turn up. This way we can ensure that costs are covered and material produced for the right number of people with limited waste.


Do I have to attend training courses?

That depends on how much you already know and how you prefer to learn. The scheme takes into account prior experience and existing knowledge and offers various different learning methods. A module is only complete when a TA validates it for you: attending a training course doesn’t mean that you have completed a module – you will still need to demonstrate to a TA that you have the knowledge and skills required – but equally you don’t need to attend training if you are already confident that you can do everything required. Your Adult’s Personal File sets out exactly what you need to do to have each module validated.


Learning methods

For a module where you feel that you need some additional learning before it can be validated, you have a choice of learning methods:

Courses - Use the training pages to access and book onto training courses (hover your cursor over the training tab in the green bar above)
Workbooks, e-learning, videos
One-to-one training sessions. Please ask your Training Adviser or Local Training Manager for details or submit an enquiry form
Learning gained from working with your Scouting colleagues

Most people meet with their own Training Adviser to have modules validated, but any Training Adviser or Training Manager is able to validate modules for you. Please ensure that your own TA knows about modules validated by others.

How long will my training take?

There is no minimum time: if you already have all of the knowledge and skills required then the only limitation is how much time you and your TA have available to get the modules validated.

However, by agreeing to take on the role you do commit to complete your training within specified time limits:

Getting Started: Modules 1-3 (Section Leaders) or 1, 2 and 4 (Managers & Supporters): these three modules cover the basic skills required for your role and they must be completed within five months of your appointment.

You must complete the remaining modules within three years of your appointment.

These time limits can be enforced and if you fail to have the modules validated within the time limits your appointment may be suspended. We do understand that there will sometimes be good reasons as to why you have been unable to do everything within these time limits, but you must ensure that your manager is aware if this is the case. Ensuring that our leaders are properly trained is very important – it means that parents and young people can have confidence in what we do.

Who is responsible for my training?

You are!
As an adult volunteer it is up to you to make sure that you have done all of the training that you need to do. That said, there are plenty of other people who will be there to guide you through the process and remind you of what you need to be doing.

Your line manager
For Section Leaders this will be your Group Scout Leader (GSL). For some managers this will be the District Commissioner (DC). Your line manager will be able to give you advice on training and will keep an eye on your progress, so they may remind you that you have modules to complete or prompt you to make contact with your Training Adviser.

Your Training Adviser (TA)
Your Training Adviser will talk to you about what you need to do and how you are going to validate all of the different modules. You will be given your TA’s contact details and you should get in touch with them as soon possible. However, don’t be surprised if they contact you if they have not heard from you within a couple of weeks of your appointment, as they will be keen to get a first meeting arranged.

When and where you meet is up to you and your TA – it will often be at either their house or your house but it’s also fine to meet at a Scout hut, in a café or even at the pub if that’s what suits you both. When you meet your TA it’s always a good idea to arrange a time for your next meeting, to ensure that you keep things moving

Please do remember that your TA is not responsible for training you or for telling you what training you need to do (though they can point you in the right direction). It is up to you to make your own arrangements for completing the required learning.

Your Local Training Manager (LTM)
Your Local Training Manager is responsible for managing the training provision within your District. If you have any questions before you are told who your TA is, or if you would prefer not to contact your TA for any reason (perhaps because things just aren’t working out with them) do feel free to get in touch with your LTM.

How can I see what training I’ve had validated?

You should keep your own paper record, either in your Adult’s Personal File or on the separate sheet which your Training Adviser provides. Make sure you ask him or her to sign your paper record for you.

In addition your TA will record all of your training in your member record on Compass, the Scout database. You can access your own record once you have created an online account: go to and click on the Register Now! link in the top right hand corner. You will need your membership number to register – if you’re not sure what this is just ask your TA or LTM. Once you have registered you can login and then click My Profile to see your details, including your training record. Signing up online also allows you to keep your personal details up to date and gives you access to extra resources


External Qualifications

You can work towards external qualifications through the training scheme and the volunteer work that you do in Scouting, such as those awarded by the Open College Network and membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management

All adults involved in Scouting within Oxfordshire are welcome to book onto training courses regardless of their role as well as Young Leaders & members working towards the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and Queen's Scout Award.

Adults interested in joining Scouting, members of Sponsoring Authorities and Parents/Guardians/Carers of Youth Members wishing to learn about Scouting are also welcome to apply to attend courses