Beaver Eggstravaganza

On a rather chilly but dry day 336 Beavers from all over Oxfordshire braved the elements and came along to County Beaver Eggstravaganza at Sutton Courtney Nature  Reserve. Over the course of the day the Beavers made rope, cut up and pressed apples to make some delicious apple juice, they then warmed themselves by some fires and made some toasted bunnies. There were some cute animals to stroke, bunnies, lambs and calves to name but a few. 

They all had a chance to complete a majority of their faith badge by re-enacting the Last Supper, then it was off to brave some slacklines, watch some birds of prey and come zooming down a slope on a grass sledge.  Saws and drills were in action to make bunny heads to wear as necklaces and then an insect home could be created to take home. The warmer inside areas saw bunnies and chicks in match boxes, fork flowers, Easter baskets and mini eggs and daffodil windmills. And let’s not forget a little bit of slime making and some rather muddy space hoppers Thanks to some wonderful volunteers that made this possible.